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RNC bid to avoid convention floor fight over Trump nomination miscarries

Published in Odd and Fun on 24th July 2017

Committee representatives offered to ban independents and Democrat from future primaries in exchange for no disruptions from Never Trump faction Representatives of the Republican National Committee offered a deal to conservative grassroots activists to foreclosed a storey fight over the appointment of Donald Trump on Thursday, the Guardian has learned, but the transaction fell through. […]

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Katy Perry’s naked vote reveals more than she required | Barbara Ellen

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th June 2017

The singer is not the first potent female to apply nudity to raise awareness. But note that humankinds simply dont perceive they have to behave this way The singer Katy Perry, a Hillary Clinton supporter, has produced a Voting naked video, counselling people to vote in the US election. Madonna responded with her own Voting […]

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How dames could vote Hillary Clinton into the White House

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th June 2017

A presidential election with the first female nominee for a major party was always going to be about gender but its own language and action of Donald Trump has galvanized dames got to make sure he never goes near the Oval Office Moments into the final presidential dialogue, as the topic turned to abortion, Hillary […]

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Michelle Obama’s inciting discussion raises Democratic convention to tears

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th June 2017

The first lady proved the perfect Trump antidote and drew a wow from Bill Clinton as she said: Because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters … take for granted that the status of women can be president Here, at last, the profound, moving and destroying riposte to Donald Trump that many in America, and the world, […]

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Trump’s misogyny didn’t triumph him such elections. But it will change women’s lives

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd June 2017

Economics was the reason for Clintons shock defeat. But that defeat will indirectly allow sexism to thrive once more in America Did Hillary Clinton lose the election because she is a woman? The rebuttal is no, but the reasons behind that no are involved. Its certainly hopeless to reject the presence of extreme sexism in […]

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Ben Carson: could he be the answer to Republicans’ youth problem?

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th June 2017

The retired neurosurgeons stimulating life history and non-politician status are key glean for millennials, facilitating see him Facebooks most followed candidate The younger generation is tired of the typical politician, suggests 17 -year-old Megan Cox, explaining why she came to see Ben Carson with her mom, aunt and cousin in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We interpret […]

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Trump on trial: Kaine calls on Pence to defend running mate in conversation

Published in Odd and Fun on 18th June 2017

Vice-presidential candidates spar on Putin, Syria and patrolling as Democrat launches assault on Trump safaruss most unconscionable statements Donald Trump was put on trial in his absence during the vice-presidential conversation as his running copulate Mike Pence was accused of trying to defend the indefensible. But Democrat Tim Kaine, hugging his persona as Hillary Clintons […]

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Melania Trump stands by her boy, a thankless task | Barbara Ellen

Published in Odd and Fun on 6th June 2017

The wife of the Republican candidate has been ill served in the merciless presidential campaign Melania Trump appears to have invested the entire US election as a kind of anti-Michelle Obama whatever she does, however hard she tries. Not that shes been that visible her husband has mainly put his daughter, Ivanka , in the […]

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Donald Trump’s campaign violence is forgiven the whole way to the top | Lucia Graves

Published in Odd and Fun on 5th June 2017

The Trump campaign has tried write off rallying savagery as something he didnt sanction, but now his expedition director has manhandled a reporter When will the first pro-Donald Trump murder happen? The happens are piling up. A Black Lives Matters protester was sucker-punched by a white bystander at a rallying in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A […]

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Take it or leave it: Trump’s rise places moderate Republicans in a tough smudge

Published in Odd and Fun on 31st May 2017

When requested information about poll date options, many moderate Republican in Virginia agree on one thing: Trump is scandalizing but Clinton is an unpalatable alternative When dedicated Republican Lindsay Arthurs paths into a polling booth on 8 November, she will stare at two identifies on the presidential ballot Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and refuse […]

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