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That Guilty Look Your Dog Is So Good At Doesn’t Mean What You See It Makes

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th November 2017

It seems so easy to tell when our pups have done something wrong. They won’t look at you with their big, lamentable eyes and they sneak around the house. It seems that guilty puppies play just like toddlers, completely and totally conscious of the fact that they’ve done something we won’t like. As it is […]

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This grisly parody of a kids’ doll advert makes a powerful item about animal inhumanity

Published in Odd and Fun on 25th October 2017

Sometimes , good-for-nothing gets the meaning across fairly like a hard-hitting parody. In the video above, the International Fund for Animal Welfare( IFAW) invokes awareness about the dangers of the puppy trade with a grim charade of a children’s substance toy advert. SEE ALSO: Teenagers ignite puppies and run terrifying video on WhatsApp “Introducing the […]

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Small puppy recuperates after withdrawing big kitchen knife

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd October 2017

Meet Macie .Image: sandy young photography/ pdsa LONDON The bizarre compas of items bird-dogs are capable of ingesting seems to be without limits. SEE ALSO: This tiny chick swallowed a pair of tweezers and the X-rays will haunt your daydreams A Staffordshire Bull Terrier announced Macie was recently sacrificed disaster surgery after she somehow “ve […]

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She Weighed Just Half A Pound When They Felt Her…But These Veterinaries Saved Her Life

Published in Odd and Fun on 8th October 2017

There’s a reason that puppies aren’t amply weaned from their father until they’re between seven and eight weeks old-fashioned. In addition to the emotional support, they need mom’s nutritious milk and warmth be used to help endure. Unfortunately though, stray pups and orphaned puppies often find themselves without a mama, making their stranges of survival […]

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A Man Was Going Near A Ditch When He Recognise An Old Aquarium — With 2 Puppies Inside

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th September 2017

Matt Williamson was stepping along a highway and go looking for his lost pup when he stumbled upon something rightfully heartbreaking. He spotted something in a furrow that looked like an old-time aquarium that somebody deserted on the side of the road. At first, he didn’t belief often of it. Then, as he stepped closer, […]

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Oh the places this cute puppy goes in this epic Photoshop battle

Published in Odd and Fun on 14th September 2017

Fact: Puppies are the cutest. Corgi puppies, even more so. SEE ALSO: Gather round and be sanctified by this precious puppy’s ‘newborn’ photoshoot So can we blame the internet for was intended to Photoshop this adorable corgi puppy into as many different places as is practicable? Image: javareallysucks/ reddit No. We cannot. In knowledge, we […]

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10+ Reasonableness You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th September 2017

Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but it looks like these pups have gotten it incorrect, because as you can see from this funny directory be established by Bored Panda , these people aren’t man’s best friend – they’re MUD’S best friend! From mud-painted pugs and dirt-caked corgis to stinky sheepdogs and grubby […]

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They Were Out At Sea When They Attended Something Swimming Through The Irrigates …

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th July 2017

A group of sailors was enjoying an outing off the coast of Naples, Italy, when they discerned something small-time and furry struggling to keep its pate above the movements far out in the waters. The poverty-stricken pup had clearly fallen off a ferry while on his lane residence with his new owner, but the boat […]

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Tiny Puppy Left In A McDonald’s Trash Bin Finally Feels What Love Is Like

Published in Odd and Fun on 26th July 2017

When Poptart and her furry hound buddy were taken to McDonald’s, we can only imagine they thought they were in for a treat… But once they are left for dead behind the fast-food chain in Sacramento, California, the poor puppies are likely to be startled. Due to the freezing-cold temperatures and Poptart’s severe mange skin […]

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They Were Apprehensive To Introduce Their New Baby Home To Converge The Dog, Then They Determined This

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd July 2017

Bringing home their two-day-old daughter, these brand-new parents were roused. They were finally going to introduce their newborn to the other member of the family, a Chihuahua referred Milo. But along with that excite, there was a bit of hesitation. They didn’t know how Milo would react to a new sister. Would he be gentle? […]

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