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Golden Retriever Puppies Doing Things Will Save Your Soul( Video)

Published in Odd and Fun on 2nd July 2017

Most of us are at that point in our 20 s when getting a hound seems like the solution to all of our problems. You’re tired of complainingabout how lonely you are, and you realizea companion is the only alternative — human or not. So, instead of committing to a relationship, committing to the responsibility […]

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The Most Cute Wolfdog Puppies Swarm Woman With Tiny Touches

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th June 2017

The only thing cuter than a puppy is, of course, a dozen puppies! You’ll know exactly how true-life that is once you see this overjoyed lady get crowded by twelve adorably fluffy wolfdog puppies, who rush all over her while affording her the sweetest little puppy kisses. If exclusively our mornings could start like this…this […]

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18 Animals Who Are So Mystified By All This Sorcery

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th June 2017

Our domesticateds are so prudent when it comes to matters of considers, belly rubs, and trips to the common. But asking questions to justify complex matters like memory sud or lemons and you’ll perhaps be met with baffled stillnes. Take it from these mystified pets…what you’re presenting them is surely sorcery. 1. “Wait…what in the? […]

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Three puppies located safe after 5 days remained under avalanche

Published in Odd and Fun on 18th June 2017

Rescuers contain three puppies that were found alive in the rubble of the avalanche-hit Hotel Rigopiano, near Farindola, center Italy .Image: Alessandro Di Meo/ ANSA via AP Amid the desperation bordering avalanche-struck Hotel Rigopiano in center Italy, there is hope. Three Abruzzo sheepdog puppies were drawn out of the tonnes of snow and rubble Monday, […]

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These 30 Puppies Are So Ridiculously Cute, You’d Do Absolutely Anything For Them

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th May 2017

Is there anything better in “the worlds” than baby animals? Unless you detest cute occasions, your answer is more likely no. Although pretty much any animal is cute as a baby, puppies are among the most cute. Their sweetened, furry faces can make even the grouchiest people smile, and huddling with them is pure bliss. […]

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Inside Dog Young Readers

Published in Books on 16th January 2017

Listed Price: $16.99 Sale Price: $11.68 From an animal behaviorist and dog enthusiast comes an adorable and informative guide to understanding how our canine friends see the world based on the #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon, Insid… Read more… Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know The bestselling book that asks […]

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Dog Food 2 Kwan Presents

Published in Books on 14th January 2017

Listed Price: $6.99 Running and hiding is looked upon as a way out for the weak. It is something Omar never thought he would do. As a child, he didn’t even partake in the game of Hide and Seek for that very reason. Unfor… Read more… Animal IV: Last Rites (Volume 4) From the moment […]

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Essential Oils Dogs Manuscripts Holistic

Published in Books on 13th January 2017

Listed Price: $19.38 This 2 manuscript book will be the only book you need to fully understand how essential oils can help your four legged friend to live a happier life. It will answer all your questions from how to purc… Read more…

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MASONIC MASONS G Finish Necklace Rhinestones FREE

Published in Clothing on 12th January 2017

Listed Price: $9.99 This stunning gold Masonic dog tag necklace is finished with rhinestones, making it a perfect gift for any Freemason…. Read more… Bullet Band Design Masonic Print Golden Steel Back Watch Men Custom Swiss THIS SALE IS FOR AN EPIC DIMENSIONAL MULTI FACETED LAB DIAMOND COVERED MENS DESIGNER WATCH WITH A BLACK AND […]

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Unlikely Friendships Stories Compassion Courage

Published in Books on 12th January 2017

Listed Price: $13.95 Sale Price: $11.34 A new book from the New York Times bestselling series. Enhanced with beautiful full-color photographs, these true stories of camaraderie, affection, and remarkable bravery are from the author of the N… Read more… The True Tails of Baker and Taylor: The Library Cats Who Left Their Pawprints on a […]

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