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Pug Dogs and Owners Attend PugFest In Manchester( 14 Paintings)

Published in Odd and Fun on 25th July 2017

This times PugFest festival, that celebrates pugs and pug cross multiplies, was held on July 16 th, 2017 at the MediaCityUk in Salford, Greater Manchester , northern England. The annual gala was a huge pop! On Sunday at the film-themed happen on Sunday, which featured a red carpet where paparazzi clicked well-dressed pugs, a masquerade […]

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These 30 Pets Crave You To Get Off Of That Computer Right NOW

Published in Odd and Fun on 21st July 2017

Whenever I’m is currently working on my laptop, my “cat-o-nine-tail” never has failed to jump on my keyboard and impede my view. To be honest, I can’t accuse her. It seems that nowadays, I’m on the thing more than I’m off of it. I care I could acquire her understand that it helps me paid […]

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This Comical Fox Does The Weirdest Thing When Its Dog Friend Has To Croak Inside

Published in Odd and Fun on 2nd July 2017

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, which is something that this dog knows from experience. While playing in the yard one day, the cute puppy was approached by a new pal. Unsure of the situation, he looked to his human for lead, but it quickly became clear that all this little fox wanted to […]

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Woman Has The Cutest Reaction After Opening Up A Surprise Birthday Present

Published in Odd and Fun on 26th June 2017

What’s better than a regular birthday endowment? A stun birthday gift, of course! But then what’s better than a astound birthday endowment? A surprise birthday endow containing a brand-new, adorable little puppy ! Lisa here recently suffered exactly that glee when she came home one day and her husband, Kenny, was waiting for her with […]

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Dolphin leaps out of sea and property on top junior surf champ

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd June 2017

It’s not all fun and games in the water. Junior channel-surf champ Jed Gradisen got a huge surprise while channel-surf off the west coast of Australia when a dolphin climbed out of the irrigate and landed directly on his board. Thankfully, Jed’s father was there to captivate the startling minute on camera. SEE ALSO: You […]

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Every Day, This Pitiless Cat Battles The Mailman In The Funniest Way

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th June 2017

Everyone knows the old-fashioned cliche about pups and mailmen, but it seems pups aren’t the only ones that like to squabble with brave postal proletarians. Every single period, this “cat-o-nine-tail” — known as the “Mail Slot Menace” — waits by the window for the mail carrier to arrive at his home, ready to do battle. […]

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Roaring Husky Throws Adorable Temper Tantrum When Told To Get Out Of The Bath

Published in Odd and Fun on 6th June 2017

Normally, puppies sprint for the door when they hear the word “walk, ” super aroused to go outside for a little bit. But not Zeus. He’s often happier when he hears the word “bath.” According to his owned, the stubborn husky affection nothing more than to take tubs and play in the irrigate. Often, he […]

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Desiring human improved her chihuahua an adorable tiny room under the stairs

Published in Odd and Fun on 2nd June 2017

Even though a cabinet under the stairs was a bit cramped for Harry Potter, it’s the perfect size for this little chihuahua. When their aunt finished constructing a new house, Redditor Fatisbac noticed that the new residence also included a practice area for her pet chihuahua. SEE ALSO: Crafty ‘Harry Potter’ devotee represents genius digital […]

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Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet Koala Eats Treats, Poops, Playset with Princess Barbie + Tanner Dog Toy Video

Published in Treats Videos on 21st November 2016

Guts Girlz Avery Doll has a cute Koala pet that eats gems. Right here comes Princess Barbie with her pet dog Tanner. Oh no! Both animals are going to poop! Enjoy this review video clip! Songs by Cookieswirlc A special channel bursting with enjoyable, favorable, happy power featuring popular video clips on Disney Frozen (Frozen […]

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Eating Dog Treats With My Dogs

Published in Treats Videos on 21st November 2016

Please sign up for my network and also my vlog channel! I make brand-new videos here every Wednesday and also make vlogs throughout my majestical day-to-day live. Facebook: Twitter: @Jenna_Marbles @CharlesMarbles @Kermit_thedog Goods: Blog site: Tumblr: Instagram The Top 20 Dog Health Problems and How to Prevent Them Discover the simple steps to keeping your […]

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