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Yasuni Man film is an intimate photograph of a beautiful ground under besiege for its oil

Published in Odd and Fun on 14th January 2018

US biologist Ryan Killackey spent seven years filming a trenchant report of a remote wood community under pressure from US and Chinese petroleum companies Watching a film-maker utilization tweezers to extract writhe, inch-long Amazonian parasites from his blood leg would normally rank amongst the more stomach-churning of cinematic suffers, but it is a mere sideshow […]

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‘Sightings’ of extinct Tasmanian tiger prompt pursuit in Queensland

Published in Odd and Fun on 12th January 2018

Eyewitness histories of big, dog-like animals in commonwealths far north spur scientific hunt for thylacines, thought to have died out in 1936 Plausible possible sightings of a Tasmanian tiger in northern Queensland have spurred scientists to undertake a search for the species thought to have died out more than 80 years ago. The last-place thylacine […]

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Red-hot bird-dogs: rising hot draws it too hot for Africa’s wild bird-dogs to hunt

Published in Odd and Fun on 5th January 2018

The endangered wild dogs are well adapted to high temperatures but a warming nature intends pup existence is plummeting, learn shows Rising temperatures are attaining it too hot for African wild pups to hunt and the number of their puppies that exist is plummeting, according to a new analyse. The experiment is among the first […]

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Know: I engaged off a mountain lion

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd December 2017

Its claws were in my knees, my neck, my chest. Its mouth pulled over my president from my hairline to the back of my skull I spent most of my early life without counseling. Grown in Minnesota, their own families was so large I have six siblings it appeared as if it was survival of […]

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What you see in this paint says more about you than the kangaroo | Stephen Moss

Published in Odd and Fun on 22nd December 2017

Whatever the swine was substantiating empathy, sexual exploitation or something else one certainty is the human compulsion to anthropomorphise It was a photograph that touched “the worlds”. An intimate likenes of a dying mom kangaroo being gently cradled by her mate, while with her last sigh she reached out to caress her innocent baby. Yet, […]

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Why do we penalise Dakota pipeline demonstrators but absolve the Bundys? | Ladonna Bravebill Allard

Published in Odd and Fun on 3rd December 2017

The Bundy militia fought for their right to make money. We want to protect our sacred districts but the state is considering us with savagery and hostility Sometime in the early summertime when the Sacred Stone Camp was simply a handful of tents and the Dakota Access machines had not yet come to our line-up […]

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How Cosa Nostra’s ‘cattle mafia’ is destroying Sicily’s farmers

Published in Odd and Fun on 2nd December 2017

Broken by attorneys and competitives, the Sicilian mafia has retreated to its rural beginnings, driving farmers from their grounds with terrifying bullying campaigns The Napoli sisters keep their entire harvest in a glass jar, resting on a wooden table in the living room. Inside, there are only a dozen stalks of wheat. The respite of […]

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Celebrity ape selfies harming efforts to curb wildlife trafficking, UN body alarms

Published in Odd and Fun on 2nd December 2017

Instagram clicks of celebs such as Paris Hilton and James Rodriguez posing with orangutans and chimps is imperiling the survival of the great apes Instagram crackings of luminaries including Paris Hilton and James Rodriguez posing with apes in the Gulf are marring efforts to clamp down on wildlife trafficking in human beings and threatening the […]

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Turf it: Californians turn back to grass lawns as shortage shaming ebb

Published in Odd and Fun on 29th November 2017

The positions punishing shortage considered neighbours spurned and water-guzzling lawns ripped up. But turf-industry insiders say grass is making a comeback Yumi Wong adores the latest addition to her southern California residence: a luxuriant, emerald lawn. It simply examines much nicer with all the dark-green. It feels clean and peaceful, she said on Tuesday, padding […]

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Judge rejects rioting fees for reporter Amy Goodman after lubricant pipe dissent

Published in Odd and Fun on 27th November 2017

Authorities had issued a warrant for her seizure after Democracy Now! multitude filmed protects for the Dakota access pipeline exploiting dogs and pepper spray on protesters A North Dakota adjudicate spurned lawyers rampage charges against Democracy Now! emcee Amy Goodman for her to provide information on the petroleum grapevine asserts, a decision that advocates heralded […]

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