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They Obtained Her Scared And Starving — No One Would Help Until Some Angels Stepped In

Published in Odd and Fun on 19th January 2018

Cartagena is a beautiful, beachside metropoli on the coast of Colombia. Known for its colorful building and remarkable meat, it’s no meditate the tourist industry is flourishing by the minute. But no matter how many beings inundate the beautiful playas , there are still those who depart altogether unnoticed. Saori is one of those beasts […]

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Dog Abandoned In Rising Flood Water Gets Rescued By Kind Stranger Passing By

Published in Odd and Fun on 16th January 2018

Last month we brought you the story of Alex Scroggins and how he came to adopt a dog mentioned Lucky. Alex and his pals were evacuating during the recent South Carolina submerges when they found Lucky abandoned and stranded in rising submerge water. Had it not been for Scroggins’ kindness, I’d dislike to think what […]

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This Dog Was Living Under A Shopping Cart, But She Wasn’t Exactly Alone

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th January 2018

When Rescue From The Hart got a phone call about a stray pup living in a patronize go-cart, they set out to save her life. To their amaze, there was much more to her legend than immediately matched the eye. Los Angeles-based Annie and James Hart founded the non-profit pup rescue in 2014. With the […]

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She Was Noted In A Meat Market Just Before Being Butchered, But Now Look At Her

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th January 2018

This is a story about Mary, a pup that was going to be sold at a meat market in Korea. She was one of seven luck bird-dogs that were rescued from being sold as meat. Not every meat market hound in Korea is as fortunate as this Shiba Inu pup, who was piloted to America […]

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After Investing A Life On The Streets, A Sweet Dog Finally Gets A Opportunity At Love

Published in Odd and Fun on 17th December 2017

Benji the dog invested his entire life on the streets. He had never known a loving touch nor how to rely a human being. That all changed when Benji met Eldad Hagar, co-founder of the swine recovery establishment Hope for Paws. Hagar heard about Benji’s plight and exited in search of him on the street […]

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Jake Was Badly Burned In A Fire As A Pup, But His Storey Is So Inspiring

Published in Odd and Fun on 17th December 2017

Not numerous people would even examine abandoning a family member after they were caught in a house fire. But Jake’s family did just that. When firefighters managed to pull the minuscule pup from the flames, he had already lost bad smolders. His pedigree took the poor boy to the vet…where they immediately vacated him. But […]

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A Terrified Poodle Was Living Under A House For The Longest Time, Then They Encountered Him

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th December 2017

When Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless poodle who’d been living under a home for five months, they knew their duty of rescuing him wouldn’t be easy. As you can imagine, life on the street was bumpy and had caused the poor boy to become aggressive and dreadful of human rights — […]

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This Adorable Dog Was In Danger Of Misplacing A Leg Until This Inspiring Rescue

Published in Odd and Fun on 10th December 2017

Our kind sidekicks at Animal Aid Unlimited were recently called about an injured digres pup that was hanging around a rural area. The poverty-stricken pup had a wire wrap so tightly around one of her front leg that the surface was entirely cut down to the bone. Even though she could only put weight on […]

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This Is The Heartbreaking Reason Why Veterinaries Don’t Require You To Buy Flat-Faced Dogs

Published in Odd and Fun on 9th December 2017

I think we can all agree that pups like French bulldogs and pugs are cute. They’re lovable, friendly, funny, and quite a few veterinaries out there really don’t want us to buy them. That resonates harsh, but the reason why isn’t because they want to rob us of friendship. As it turns out, those treasured, […]

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She Quitted Her Job To Spread Love To Abandoned Greyhounds In The Best Way Possible

Published in Odd and Fun on 8th December 2017

In 2008, a 52 -year-old mother in Seaburn, U.K ., inaugurated knitting sweaters. Nonetheless, Jan Brown wasn’t doing it exactly to impede herself busy. Instead, she was realise the cute slice of attire for abandoned greyhounds and whippets. Ms. Brown embarked hand-knitting hound hairs to raise money and awareness for a greyhound rescue…but now, her […]

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