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Your hound understands what you’re saying, sort of

Published in Odd and Fun on 11th November 2017

( CNN) Do you ever wonder whether Fido really understands what you’re saying? He might be catching on to more than you think — and your intonation when saying particular statements is just as important to him as the words themselves, according to a small contemplate published in the journal Science on Tuesday. JUST WATCHED […]

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MASONIC MASONS G Finish Necklace Rhinestones FREE

Published in Clothing on 12th January 2017

Listed Price: $9.99 This stunning gold Masonic dog tag necklace is finished with rhinestones, making it a perfect gift for any Freemason…. Read more… Bullet Band Design Masonic Print Golden Steel Back Watch Men Custom Swiss THIS SALE IS FOR AN EPIC DIMENSIONAL MULTI FACETED LAB DIAMOND COVERED MENS DESIGNER WATCH WITH A BLACK AND […]

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Rinhoo Stainless Personalized Engraved Exquisite

Published in Clothing on 11th January 2017

Listed Price: $11.19 Sale Price: $9.99 This is a best gift for your loved one, your family and your friends.It can be customized as what you want to say to them. So when you purchase it, you can add engraving information to gift message…. Read more…

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Sheep Percenter Shirt Amendment Wolfs

Published in Clothing on 10th January 2017

Listed Price: $29.99 Sale Price: $10.00 Black Cotton/Poly 80/20 blend, (men clothing). Standard fit, sizes ranging from Small to XXXXLarge. The 3 Percenters were the groups of men in the american revolution that helped fight of tyrannical B… Read more… Molon Labe Ghost Flag T-Shirt (XL) Molon Labe Ghost Flag T-Shirt. The design is a […]

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American Apparel Fleece F997 PEWTER

Published in Clothing on 9th January 2017

Listed Price: $36.38 Sale Price: $18.50 Flex Fleece (50% Combed Cotton / 50% Polyester) construction; Zipper enclosure; Kangaroo pocket and an opening for a leash clasp on the back; Cut to avoid doggy mess ;… Read more… American Apparel Men’s Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie Best seller. A fitted sporty unisex hoody in our flex […]

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Engraving Stainless Steel Plain Pendant Necklace

Published in Clothing on 8th January 2017

Listed Price: $49.95 Sale Price: $9.99 Free Engraving-Stainless Steel Plain Dog Tag Pendant Necklace for Men, 2 SizeWhy I need a Stainless Steel Jewelry? Stainless Steel jewelry does not tarnish and oxidize, It not like silver will be gett… Read more…

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Police Officer Prayer Brushed Steel

Published in Clothing on 7th January 2017

Listed Price: $21.99 Thin Blue Line Police Officer’s Badge & Prayer Dog Tag Every shift can be a dangerous one for a police officer, and sometimes a small token can remind them that they always have a higher power present… Read more… Police Policeman Prayer(Stainless Steel) Medal Pendant Necklace New mirror-polished silver Stainless Steel plated […]

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R H Jewelry Stainless Steel Pendant

Published in Clothing on 6th January 2017

Listed Price: $22.97 Your Son sure to love this stainless steel cross dog tag necklace, features a stylish cross in the center. the back engraved a lovely message: I am so blessed to call you my Son. A truly unique gift, … Read more… R.H Jewelry Cross Stainless Steel Pendant For Men The spiritual cross […]

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Sock Me Hipster Mens Socks

Published in Clothing on 5th January 2017

Listed Price: $11.50 Sock It To Me Hipster Dog Mens Crew Socks… Read more… Sock It To Me Toe-Tal Recall Biomechanical Crew Socks Did you ever want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator when you were younger? Well, now you can with these fun socks! Inspired by the colorful socks of Korea, these […]

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Engraved Medical Aluminum Necklace Stainless

Published in Clothing on 4th January 2017

Listed Price: $29.99 Sale Price: $15.49 This custom engraved medical tag is crafted of Satin finish black plated aluminum dog tag and hangs from a 24 inch stainless steel bead chain necklace..Great materials for fund raising and souvenirs.f… Read more… Personalized Necklace Custom Aluminum Dog Tag Pendant Stainless Steel Necklace Medical Alert Dog Tag This […]

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