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Robert Silvers obituary

Published in Odd and Fun on 18th January 2018

Editor of the New York Review of Books for more than half a century In the winter of 1962 -6 3, a printers ten-strike shut all the newspapers in New York for nearly four months and hastened the downfall of various of them. But it also changed literary biography. A group of friends working in […]

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New Program Lets Kids Practice Reading While Shy Shelter Dogs Learn to Fraternize

Published in Odd and Fun on 18th January 2018

An innovative curriculum at the Missouri Humane Society is helping girls practice speaking in front of a non-judgemental gathering while shy shelter dogs learn to socialize with humen, increasing their chances for adoption. The Shelter Sidekick Reading Program also helps reduce the feeling of shelter domesticateds while nourishing empathy among the participating children. To participate, […]

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Meg Rosoff: ‘It took 12 times for the hate to compost down into comedy’

Published in Odd and Fun on 16th January 2018

The journals interview: The YA author of the bestselling How I Live Now talks about her first book for adults, how her sisters fatality cleared her a columnist and glad non-endings After raising seven high-end Young Adult tales in 12 years, Meg Rosoff has published her first work for adults a sweetened romcom about a […]

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Girl’s drive to find 1,000 ‘black girl books’ stumbles target with spate of donations

Published in Odd and Fun on 4th January 2018

Eleven-year-old Marley Diass appeal #1000blackgirlbooks, which gleaned massive corroborate, grew from her thwarting at only being given tales about white-hot boys and their dogs An 11 -year-old girl who was forestalled about merely being given unrelatable journals to read at academy has reached her point of knowing 1,000 pitch-black girl volumes after starting the campaign […]

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Appear the flame: why do we enjoy chilli?

Published in Odd and Fun on 3rd January 2018

Its not just about the feeling or even the sting. In this extract from his new notebook, Bob Holmes uncovers the pharmacology and psychology behind humanitys heat-seeking desire Ive been procrastinating. On my breakfast nook counter I have lined up three hot pepper: one habanero, flame-orange and lantern-shaped; one skinny little Thai chicks eye chilli; […]

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What a society chooses to remember and forget: the struggle for New Zealand’s history | Vincent O’Malley

Published in Odd and Fun on 2nd January 2018

Those who tell Maori to stop living in the past rarely relate the same logic to first world war commemorations. Is New Zealand mature enough to own its own history? Early in 2014 a group of school students from a small town in rural areas in New Zealand took a excursion to some nearby historical […]

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Strange infatuation: The best David Bowie works

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th December 2017

There are amazingly few good books about the late virtuoso but, as a new accumulation of recollections by acquaintances is published, we pick out the heroes of the Bowieography Alongside the supremely well-read Bob Dylan, David Bowie was perhaps popular musics most bookish adept. Christopher Isherwood was an obvious force on his so-called Berlin period; […]

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11 -year-old girl is collecting 1,000 journals boasting black girlfriend exponents

Published in Odd and Fun on 30th November 2017

Kids today. When she find none of the see volumes assigned to her institution class boasted girls of shade, 11 -year-old Marley Dias of New Jersey took topics into her own hands. Alongside her father, Dr. Janice Johnson Dias, Marley has started a drive to collect 1,000 children’s journals featuring black girlfriends as the primary […]

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19 Marvelous, Unbelievable Books About The Strange History of Man and Swine

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd November 2017

There is one strange, spooky topic I cherish reading about. Im not the only one, in fact, there is at least a two thousand time age-old institution of parties running over bookssome accurate, some notabout this unusual topic. The topic? Swine. Not childrens journals, plainly, but legends and narratives of exotic animals from faraway grounds. […]

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Tram 83, the Congolese novel that’s wowing the literary world – extract

Published in Odd and Fun on 16th November 2017

Fiston Mwanza Mujilas debut novel, a criticism of neocolonialism boasting a throw of winoes and dreamers, is the dazzling articulation that DRC has been waiting for Acclaimed beginner Fiston Mwanza Mujila has dazzled the literary macrocosm with his introduction novel, a riotous look at the underbelly of life rarely put forward in sub-saharan African literature. […]

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