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6 Far-famed Rooms From Movies( That Spoilt The Owners’ Lives)

Published in Odd and Fun on 24th July 2017

When love get super into a movie or Tv establish, they typically dress up as their favorite personas and hit up their neighbourhood convening — in which client, the only martyr of Hollywood’s seductive siren song is said fan’s wallet. But that’s merely the ordinary rank of infatuation. When fandom reaches Single White Female ranks, […]

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The 14 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (8/ 9)

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd July 2017

Sure, you could keep up with the word. but then you’d miss out on the balls-to-the-wall war of Olympic mixed redoubles badminton. Besides , no reasonable person can be expected to keep up with every headline while maintaining their sanity, so we have taken it upon ourselves to quickly summarize the most important and/ or […]

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5 Movie Endings People Think Are Ambiguous( But Aren’t)

Published in Odd and Fun on 23rd July 2017

In a perfect macrocosm, every movie would end with the main personas jump-start into the breath to give each other a thunderous freeze-frame high five. Unhappily, the world’s screenwriters and heads have crafted many pacts whereby these sorts of purposing is seen as “out of place, ” for some odd ground. In its stead, we […]

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5 Huge Legend The Media Ignored( Because Of Trump)

Published in Odd and Fun on 18th July 2017

Stories about Donald Trump are like Crocs in the early 2000 s — they’re everywhere, and if we are genuinely lived in a only macrocosm, they never would have been allowed to exist in the first place. Given how obsessed the media is with every single stupid event he does( with good reason — he […]

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Your Favorite 2000 s Tendencies Are Stimulating A Comeback

Published in Odd and Fun on 16th July 2017

If you say Paris Hilton isnt secretly your idol, youre lying. Her look is on foreign sparkling wine and plastered on monstrous descriptions throughout her live so she knows how just look at herself. Her five hounds have their own fucking dwelling, for divinities sake. She is the one who induced it cute to carry […]

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How Knowing A Few Key Phrases Completely Changes Wrestling

Published in Odd and Fun on 15th July 2017

The following collecting of words will sound like total goddamn gibberish to most of you, but hardcore wrestling devotees will know exactly what I’m supposing: “Can you believe the canned heat they just piped in for that jobber? It was supposed to be a basic promo, but he worked himself into a hit, and now […]

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Play Of Thrones Recap: Who Range The World? GIRLS

Published in Odd and Fun on 13th July 2017

If youre sitting at work learning this right now, I merely want to personally congratulate you for ensure that they are able to make it into the office after watching last nights occurrence of. It took me twenty minutes of stillnes before I could even see moving from my couch, let alone carrying on with […]

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5 Billionaires Who Attracted Some Monstrously ‘Rich Guy’ Moves

Published in Odd and Fun on 8th July 2017

Have you ever seen those interviews where they ask lottery winners what they intend to do with their millions, and their rebuttal is something like, “I’m gonna get the air conditioner in my trailer fastened! ” because they don’t amply grasp the cruel power that is now in their hands? You know who does comprehend […]

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Anthems Even Dumber Than The Fringe Groups Performing Them

Published in Odd and Fun on 7th July 2017

Music has always been a valuable tool for making an important testimony to a wide gathering. Why, it was folksy objection music( and folksy protest music alone !) that stopped the Vietnam War … at least according to folksy dissent musicians. But when you’re writing music with a content, the music is only as important […]

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5 Thoughts I Learned Accompanying A Furry Convention

Published in Odd and Fun on 6th July 2017

I lately checked into a hotel while two parties in puppy garbs snuggled and pawed at each other behind me, because I had been invited to attend Fur-Eh, an Edmonton-based furry gathering. In side because I am a hardworking scribe, but mostly because I’ve discovered these conventions are a great situate to tally pharmaceuticals, I […]

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