Dog Food 2 Kwan Presents

Published in Books on 14th January 2017
Listed Price: $6.99

Running and hiding is looked upon as a way out for the weak. It is something Omar never thought he would do. As a child, he didn’t even partake in the game of Hide and Seek for that very reason. Unfor… Read more…

Animal IV: Last Rites (Volume 4)

From the moment Animal’s former lover Red Sonja showed up on his doorstep, he knew trouble wouldn’t be far behind. It wasn’t because the last time he’d seen her, he had been fleeing for his life from …


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The Fix 3 (Fix Trilogy)

In the third and final installment of The Fix Trilogy, two worlds that have been running parallel finally collide. Persia Chandler has managed to get her life back on track. Things are calm at…


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Gangsta (Urban Books)

Love always comes with a price. After the murder of a dirty Los Angeles detective, St. Louis ‘Lou-Loc’ Alexander finds himself a hunted man. Trying to stay one step ahead of the gas chamber, he flees …


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Road Dawgz (Urban Books)

It’s the penthouse or the morgue. This is the philosophy adopted by Keshawn Wilson, a.k.a. K-Dawg, self-proclaimed lord of the streets. Keshawn is the youngest of five kids, and one of only two …


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